Our Program

The annual 'Community Strengthening Program' is our framework to deliver purpose driven activities linked to positive mental health and community capacity-building outcomes. The program utilises culture, arts, heritage and education as the vehicle to drive positive social change/impact through Walkaway, Greenough and Geraldton.The framework has two delivery streams, ‘Community Wellness’ and ‘Community Capacity Building’.

  • An annual 'Community Needs and Recommendations Report' is prepared by the Geraldton Advisory Board. 
  • The report is workshopped by our Artistic, Cultural and Wellness Directors to create the annual Community Strengthening Program. 
  • On completion the program is reviewed/approved by the Management Committee to ensure the program links to the organisation's purpose and objectives. 
  • The program is executed by the Program Delivery Team through engagement with artistic, cultural, heritage and education practitioners and using our facilities and delivery network.  
  • The program is measured with our Social Science Team using our Social Capital Evaluation Framework and Impact Measurement Tools.